September 09, 2014

Shakey Graves performing “Where a Boy Once Stood” off of his upcoming album “And the War Came” live at the Stetson Showroom.

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August 25, 2014

@kendalljenner in our black Santa Fe hat for DuJour Magazine | available on

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August 14, 2014

our signature “Last Drop” tipping.

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August 07, 2014


Charles J. Belden (1887-1966)

was born into a wealthy California family. His Grandfather was an early pioneer in California who made millions in real estate Charles attended the Massachusetts institute of Technology and became fascinated with the new art form of photography. Many of his photos were taken of family and friends at his family’s Pitchfork Ranch in Wyoming. Charles was also an early pioneer in the use of aircraft in game management and helped the Wyoming Game and Fish commission by conducting aerial photography to count large herds. A special thanks to the family of Charles J. Belden and the University of Wyoming for aiding us in publishing these amazing photos.

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August 06, 2014

Do not miss The Race of Gentlemen this year October 3, 4, 5 2014 in Wildwood NJ!

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July 29, 2014

Actor Corey Stoll wearing the Stetson Modesto in GQ Magazine.  Aug 2014

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July 21, 2014


The Wrangler

source and date unknown

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Foster Huntington

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July 15, 2014

President Lyndon B. Johnson in his Open Road, 1968. 

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May 29, 2014
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May 23, 2014

GQ Magazine featured our plaid cloth fedora in their “How to Be the Best Man at Every Wedding” style guide.  June 2014

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May 16, 2014

Ryan Lovelace considers himself a “freelance surf-craft builder”.  Based out of Santa Barbara, California, Lovelace has gained global recognition for his hand crafted surfboards that are built with the rider in mind as well as the wave.  Ryan is currently on his “Shapetastic Voyage”, a tour in which he ships himself all over the world, sets up shop, and builds boards for retailers or custom orders (I’ve witnessed him sell out before the boards were even created).  Read on for what he’s up to and what’s next.


Where are you right now?

I’m in Ericeira Portugal, an old fishing-turned-surf town outside Lisbon.

When did you have your first taste of surfing, and when did you realize it would be such a huge part of your life?

I started obsessing over surfing when I was little, my family would go visit my grandparents in Hawaii and my brother and I would beg my dad to take us out and push us into waves!  Living in Seattle made surfing a difficult thing to accomplish regularly until I moved to Santa Barbara out of high school.  There was absolutely no stopping me when I finally was able to surf every day…it didn’t matter the conditions, I was in the water as much as possible; it only got worse when I started building my own boards and experimenting with designs.


How did board shaping come about?

I had a longboard and was really curious to try different designs and saving enough money to buy one was a far more daunting task, mentally, than building my own - I grew up building things and working with my hands so the thought of building one was really exciting to me.  I made one and it was all over…I was obsessed - a month later I made another, a few weeks later another, and at some point I realized my house couldn’t hold many more boards and if I wanted to make more I would have to make them for other people! 

You’ve mentioned that you spent some time in the Texas panhandle when you were a kid, in what way has that influenced you and your work?

Stephen my step-father comes from the panhandle and we all come together every other summer for a family reunion at the ranch.  It’s something that we all look forward to and I know is a big part of a lot of our lives; I’ve learned a lot about life and just being human through my relationships and conversations.  The ranch is out in the middle of the prairie and you can just wander as far as you want.  We all get to spend real time together and just take it easy, everyone in the family has had a pretty profound influence on my life in one way or another and I wouldn’t trade my time there past or present for anything!  


We love that you “ship yourself” all over the world to shape boards rather than staying in one place; what are your travel essentials?

I bring a handful of my tools; power-planer, wood planes, sanding blocks, sanding screens and the outlines of the different model boards that I shape.  I usually pack more in the way of tools and surfboards than clothes, and I’ve started biting the bullet and slamming my [Stetson] crushable hat into my checked bag…I cringed when I pulled it out the first time, but after a few hours it is literally unaffected…it blows my mind!



Tell us about the Cosmic Collider.

My house, you mean!  Ha!  She’s a 29 ft. 1948 Chevy school bus with a VW bus on top; I understand that it used to follow the Grateful Dead around the country, but much of its history is currently unknown…I’m sure it’s interesting!  I built a bedroom off the back of the bus to free up floor space, and know it will continue to morph and change as time goes on.  I’ve got a few projects for it planned for the summer, new front brakes, tires, solar power and hopefully a shower off the back, under the bedroom.    


We love the story behind your Dune hat purchase.

A few months before [my surf film] Almost Cut My Hair premiered I had developed a bad habit of cruising into Jedlicka’s Saddlery to stare at hats.  The Dune became about the only hat I had eyes for and I went back to look at it probably 4-5 times.  I hemmed and hawed and in the process did some research on Stetson and it’s heritage, I knew if I was going to spend that much on a hat I had to believe in the company and know where it was made at the very least.  What struck a chord with me though was the early history of the company, the fact that on the plains a Stetson was a sign of success to a neighbor or competitor…a cowboy’s status symbol of sorts.  I decided then and there- a week before the movie’s premiere and the beginning of my fourth season of the Shapetastic Voyage - that if at this point in my career I didn’t feel like I had accomplished something, that I likely never would.  So I sacked up, walked in, bought it, and wore it to the premier.  


If you weren’t shaping boards, what would you be doing?

I have no clue!  I wanted to do photography and graphic design when I got into shaping, and luckily I still get to do those things almost daily within doing this. 


Where is your favorite wave, and which board are you riding on it?

Home, Rincon!  I would (and normally do) ride a board that I call the V.Bowls – it’s a mid 7’ single fin that draws really long, clean lines that fit the wave really well.   

What advice would you give to 20-somethings looking to turn their craft into a full-time business?

Start now.  The sooner you immerse yourself into it fully, the sooner you start learning more than you could imagine.  Take it slow and one day at a time, don’t look for more business than you can handle, and focus on slow growth over big moves.


What’s next for Ryan Lovelace?

TEXAS!  I head back home for two weeks to get caught up on my orders for friends in Santa Barbara then hit the road with my dog and girlfriend to head for the ranch!   

all photos via @ryanlovelace Instagram

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April 22, 2014

                         Stetson Official Logo

Stetson was first and foremost a man: John B. Stetson, a man with extraordinary vision as well as a down-home practicality, who, in 1865, created a hat that makes us proud to be part of the glorious progression of American history.

We take the occasion of our upcoming 150th anniversary to remind all that John B. Stetson established a company as well as his original hat, and since 1906 the John B. Stetson Company has held the trademark registration for Stetson® in the United States.

A “Stetson” is not a type or style of hat. It is not a generic descriptor. We are flattered to be embedded in the consciousness of so many, but a “Stetson” is not a Stetson® unless it is ours, and we take our legacy – and our trademark – seriously.

Thanks kindly, and here’s to another century and a half, at the very least!

About Stetson:

Founded in 1865, the Stetson brand got its name from its founder, John B. Stetson. Nearly 150 years later, Stetson has become a renowned provider of apparel, footwear, accessories, fragrance, home décor, and spirits— spreading quality products with authentic American spirit to all corners of the globe. For additional information, please visit or follow us at @StetsonUSA.

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April 15, 2014
5 months ago
March 31, 2014

Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas performing their never-before-recorded song “Cry Cry Cry” live in the Stetson Showroom

5 months ago
March 20, 2014

Last Thursday, we teamed up once again with MTheory, And Publishing, & Hidden Track Music for the Hide & Seek II showcase at Blackheart Bar on Rainey Street.  Festival goers were greeted by a barbershop quartet belting out the classics and optional face painting, as well as complimentary hot dogs.  They were then encouraged to weave through the front yard, through the house-turned-bar, and into the backyard where bands were performing straight through from noon to 6pm. 

We provided a wide selection of hats and helped the artists find their style soul mate to complete their look before their set time.  Other Stetson swag up for grabs for everyone included bandanas, pins, and t-shirts.  Roaming photographers armed with Polaroids snapped stolen moments of the crowd (including Winston and Ted of Mumford and Sons) as another keepsake from the event.

Enjoy these photos by Daniel Davis of our favorite moments from the event:

6 months ago
March 19, 2014

Oh SXSW, you never disappoint.  Great weather, amazing music, and all of the Tex-Mex and BBQ we could physically consume.

We arrived in ATX late Tuesday night, and started Wednesday morning at Magnolia Café on South Congress with their chipotle eggs benedict.  We continued exploring South Congress, visiting places such as Allen Boots, Big Top Candy Shop, and Uncommon Objects, where we actually uncovered a vintage Stetsonian hat!

We made our way downtown for some more sightseeing when we bumped into our Center Stage Artist, Jessica Hernandez at the Deltas right before they played the Live Nation Party at the Annex.

After swinging by a few more showcases, the Stetson team met up for Mexican food and margaritas at Guero’s on South Congress.  Whether you go for the enchiladas, tacos, or polenta (or all three in a combination plato), you will leave satisfied.

       Stay tuned for a recap on our showcase at Blackheart Bar!

6 months ago
March 10, 2014

We are so excited to be heading back down to Austin, Texas for the SXSW music festival!  Here is a list of what we’ll be up to while we’re down there:

Thursday, March 13th we will be at Blackheart Bar with And Publishing, Hidden Track Music, and MTheory presenting some of the top up-and-coming European based artists.  There will be a ton of whiskey to choose from, free hot dogs, and Stetson swag.  What more could you want?

(photo courtesy of Hatbox)

Come see us Friday at Hatbox, a Modern Haberdashery located at 115 E 6th Street in the heart of downtown Austin.  We will be selling a wide array of Stetson hats that will help protect you from the intense Texas sun in style.

Last but not least, we teamed up with the Agency for the Performing Arts to present some of the best new artists APA has to offer at The Palm Door located at 508 E. 6th Street.  Sorry, this one is official, so you’ll need a badge for entry.

We hope to see you there!

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