September 23, 2015

Jon Batiste wearing STETSON in Garden & Gun, October/November 2015 Issue

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STETSON in V Magazine, Fall 2015 Issue

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June 19, 2015

The New Pioneer” shot by Jay Carroll.  

Styled by Amy Keller and Rene Holguin

All hats by Stetson.

3 months ago
June 09, 2015

Mumford and Sons invited us back to join their Gentlemen of the Road Tour in Seaside Heights, NJ this past weekend (last tour here).  Inspired by the games and rides on the boardwalk, we supplemented our pop-up shop with homemade funhouse mirrors and a strongman game that earned festival goers a stamp in their GOTR passport.  Check out our photo diary below and visit the Gentlemen of the Road website and try to make it to a stopover!   

3 months ago
May 08, 2015

We sourced Louisville local startofthehowl to capture our time at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Expo Center to celebrate the Kentucky Derby.

4 months ago
April 23, 2015

…because why wouldn’t you wear a Dior suit and Open Road and lay in a bathtub? @gublergram shot by @thecoveteur

5 months ago
April 15, 2015

Cowboys and Indians Magazine wrote a great feature on our 150th Anniversary that can be found here.

5 months ago
April 02, 2015

Emily Armstrong of Dead Sara performing on Late Night with Seth Meyers in our Austral hat

6 months ago
March 27, 2015

sometimes you can’t pick just one | @olsonstuff for @atlargemagazine

6 months ago
March 10, 2015

It’s our 150th anniversary, and we’re celebrating all year long. Visit for our revamped timeline, upcoming events, and more!

6 months ago
March 04, 2015

Here at Stetson, we’re always looking for quality and authenticity, both in our own product as well as in potential collaborators.  After 150 years, we know it when we see it.  So when we met Erik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn of Buck Mason, a menswear brand committed to perfecting essential pieces transcendent of time, we knew we were in good company.  Sasha and Erik sat down with us to talk about the design process, what albums they can’t stop listening to, and how it all began.

Tell us how Buck Mason came to be.

Erik: The concept of Buck Mason essentially evolved over a conversation that we had back in early 2012 over coffee. I had this idea in my head for simplifying the way men shop. It began with selling packages of timeless basics, that perfectly mixed and matched, so any guy could have a sophisticated style with one click. This developed into creating the quintessential timeless American uniform and it was obvious that needed to start with the ultimate Americana staples: the indigo 5 pocket blue jean and the perfect white t-shirt.

How did the name “Buck Mason” come to life?

Sasha: Both our fathers work in stone. Erik’s is a brick mason and mine is a stone sculptor, so we loved the word “mason” as it paid a homage to our fathers. “Buck” came later as it was the strongest name we could think of to put in front of “Mason.”


Your site focuses on “only the essentials”.  Has including headwear in your offering always been part of the plan?

Erik: Absolutely. I wear a hat most days, it’s always been a functional part of my wardrobe. We’d entertained the idea of doing a collection on our own, but partnering with Stetson has been far out. Think about it, Stetson started making hats around the time the Civil War ended; to lean on that type of experience while substantiating our design aesthetic was too good to be true.


What was the inspiration behind the hats you created with us?

Erik: Stetson cowboy hats are more well known, but it’s your formal dress hats that always spoke to me. For years I’d picked up vintage fur-felt Stetsons and reshaped them with my hatter here in Venice. When I met Joseph, the lead designer, we chatted about doing a collection together, one with a pared down aesthetic, closer to the vintage pieces I loved but with the same materials. I never thought it would come together but it did, and that’s how the Buck Mason x Stetson - City Collection - came to be.

Sasha: The purpose of this collaboration was to create a small assortment of dress hats that could be worn by anyone. These were not designed for the guy looking for a piece that would help his wardrobe stand out this season. This is a one time purchase. It’s a hat that will age with you that will look and feel better as you use it. You’ll wear it seasonally. Functionally. Sure, it can be worn as a fashion piece but that’s not its primary purpose. It’s nearly impossible to find a sharp pinched, tonal fur felt hat possessing this level of craftsmanship and quality. Hats are difficult to pull off, but these aren’t. They’re just wearable.


What is your favorite from the line, and why?

The Highway. It’s an open crown that we hand-shaped and dusted in the factory. Joseph actually did most of them himself. The design feels on trend, but it could have been worn in the 50’s.

What albums are you guys listening to right now?

Erik: Bob Dylan Shadows in the Night. The greatest songwriter of all time singing old standards of the greatest singer of all time. C’mon.

 Sasha: Leon Bridges

Shop the Stetson x Buck Mason collaboration here.

7 months ago
February 26, 2015

Richard Childress Racing and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Austin Dillon will add an icon of everydayAmerican lifestyle to their look with the addition of well-known hat maker Stetson to their wardrobe.


“It has always been important for Stetson to work with those who share a piece of our long and varied history,” said Izumi Kajimoto, chief executive officer of Stetson. “Ours is the story of an American legacy passed from one generation to the next, and we cannot think of a more ideal partner to launch with in this, our 150th anniversary year, than the family that is RCR.”


Dillon, who is currently in his sophomore year of competition in the Sprint Cup Series driving for RCR, first began wearing cowboy hats as a child in his native North Carolina. He has also been seen wearing cowboy hats during family trips to his grandfather’s vacation home in Montana, on hunting expeditions throughout the country and at various racetracks on the NASCAR circuit. Recently, Dillon has encouraged friends in the entertainment and professional sports industries to embrace the look by sending them their own cowboy hats to wear.


“I’ve been wearing cowboy hats since I was just a little kid and have always recognized the iconic look of Stetson hats,” said Dillon. “The older I get, the more I appreciate a fine hat and Stetson definitely delivers. The company has a storied history in an active outdoors lifestyle, which I appreciate because my family has a long history in that lifestyle as well.”

 Stetson has roots dating back to 1865 when John B. Stetson started his business with $100. Since then, Stetson has become the standard in hats, the essence of the spirit of the West and an icon of everyday American lifestyle. The Stetson hat factory in Garland, Texas is one of the largest in the country and produces a line of hats in hundreds of different styles and colors.

Shop the Skyline hat here.

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February 12, 2015
7 months ago
January 29, 2015

Coming soon:  the ladies’ sunny draper hat.

8 months ago
December 18, 2014

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November 06, 2014

Stetson + Shakey Graves.

11 months ago
November 04, 2014

Vintage Stetson Stratoliner hatboxes

11 months ago
October 31, 2014

A year in the making, we joined forces with tattoo artist Josh Lord to create three hat styles adorned with his original artwork.  Read more about the collaboration below.

“Stetson has a long history in helping men achieve their personal style,” says Stetson Art Director TJ McCoy. “This collaboration ensures that we will continue to stay relevant by being something new, something fresh, and really helping highlight the fact that we’re interested in the art and culture of tattoos. The collaboration with Josh Lord is especially fascinating because I think in a lot of ways, tattooing plays on the same idea of finding THE particular style THAT is right for men or women, and then helping people achieve a look.”

“When Stetson approached me to collaborate, I was excited about the concept of how art lays on a hat similar to the way that tattoos sit on a body,” Lord says. “Everything you design tattoo-wise has to take into consideration how the art flows with the contortions of the body and the hat was a new challenge for me.”

“In so many ways hat making mirrors tattooing,” says McCoy. “A tattooer has an understanding of dimension. Also in the same way that Josh approaches a client and figures out the perfect piece for him or her, a hatter approaches a customer by figuring out what face shape they have and what kind of look they’re going for.”

The similarities extend to the hand-craftsmanship that goes both into creating a hat or a tattoo. “I feel like especially for our generation, people think that things are made by pressing a button but at Stetson a lot of our process still involves a lot of handwork,” McCoy says. “Stetson hats go through over 36 hand-applied steps.”

Before one of those steps occurred Lord researched imagery, took apart a few hats to see how the material flowed, and drew and drew and drew. “Working with my hands has always been something that I’ve loved,” Lord says. “Craftsmanship has been more important to me than art. Knowing the craft that goes into hat making made me want to show through my art and effort that I completely respect and am in awe of the hat maker. This was my very first haberdashery gig and I thought for a long time ‘about the right imagery’. In the end I was inspired by this idea of a predator.”

He decked out black and white trilby hats in a snake coiled around feathers. His third offering is a golden cockroach atop a green cap. “To me the cockroach represents the tattooing industry because it was a seedy trade that grew from the streets but we made good, eventually. We’re golden now—but we’re still cockroaches.”


see the original article here.

11 months ago
October 27, 2014

Introducing: Josh Lord x Stetson

11 months ago
October 20, 2014

Announcing the Stetson x Josh Lord collaboration.

11 months ago